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A Guide to Email Marketing

22 Nov, 2023

A Guide to Email Marketing

Owning a business can be easy, but running it smoothly and successfully is not child’s play. You need to make the right decisions, keep a regular follow-up of your competitors, and draw out an appropriate business strategy. Besides all these, a well-planned advertising and marketing strategy plays a key role in making your business grow and prosper. With marketing in mind, digital marketing has taken over the simple traditional marketing methods. Especially with the advent of the internet, your business, whether big or small, can reach out to millions of people around the world. A few of the popular digital marketing methods include Pay-per-click, online advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, and a lot of others. This article will talk about email marketing in detail.


What is email marketing?

To define, email marketing is a sort of direct digital marketing method that makes use of electronic mail also called the e-mail or emails a marketing tool and communicates about your business to your consumers and your business associates. Email marketing is both a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of advertising your business to your potential clients. You can utilize email marketing to enrich your business communications and target specific markets as well as for building brand and customer loyalty and communicating promotional offers to them.

Whenever your customers, associates, or anyone is conveyed about your business brand, sales, or requests for business, or just about anything that promotes your business through electronic mail, email marketing occurs. Not only that, email marketing helps you to stay connected with your clients and business partners and build a healthy relationship with them. This is a personal easy and quick method, in which an email is created and sent out to specifically target members of your email list. Unlike other methods of marketing, email marketing does not require large print space specific timings, or high production costs.

Importance of email marketing

Many of you would be thinking that your company is better off without the email marketing method. But here, we have discussed a few of the important reasons that will convince you to include this method in your marketing strategy.

  1. Popular marketing channel than social media: undoubtedly, social media is an extremely important tool in the marketing strategy of any business. You definitely can communicate with your audience at any time and make your relationship with them even more strong using a social media platform like Facebook, LinkdIn, Twitter, etc. However, according to a study, customer acquisition through email marketing is nearly 12% and that of social media marketing is 8%. Therefore it is clear that email marketing rules over social media marketing. Consequently, we can say that communication via email is more than social media communication so using it as your internet marketing strategy is quite viable.


  1. Cost Effective: advertising or marketing your business brand through radio and TV messages or pamphlets and newspapers can take up a lot of cost. This is a point to think about, especially for those who own a small-scale business. Marketing through emails, on the other hand, would hardly cost you anything except for your little time and effort. Moreover, you will be able to create the same effect as that created by the traditional marketing methods given above with the additional benefit of having follow-up information of whoever visited your business website after viewing the email.


  1. Customizable: you can send out a tailored email message to a segmented list of audiences, which contains information relevant to them. In email marketing, you have the choice of who receives particular information about your business and who does not. This allows you to easily target the population that you want to. This kind of flexibility is again an advantage in email marketing.
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