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Magic Web Services is a leading provider of Bulk SMS Services and SMS services in Mumbai.



One of the most trusted bulk SMS services in Mumbai offers quality, cutting-edge SMS services. We provide a wide range of technically high-end SMS services in Mumbai, India. SMS marketing services help you promote or inform clients or individuals. With the increase in the use of cell phones across the country and the globe, companies are realizing the potential of bulk SMS solutions.

SMS is the oldest and most powerful messaging service. It is a free and widely used messaging service. Bulk SMS marketing companies in India can be used to give a personalized experience to your targeted audience by sending tailor-made bulk messages. It empowers businesses to present customers with high-quality and reliable information about the brand.

Bulk SMS Service Provider Company in India


Promotional bulk SMS services by MWS are a cost-effective way to reach a large audience instantly. Bulk SMS can be sent to a large volume of customers, which in turn can enhance brand visibility and customer engagement. We offer real-time delivery reports with valuable insights for optimizing campaigns and maximizing ROI. Promotional bulk SMS services by empowering businesses to drive sales, boost brand awareness, and achieve marketing goals efficiently.

Here are some key features of the MWS promotional bulk SMS service:  

1. Instant bulk messaging: offers a platform for businesses to generate large volumes of SMS messages and send them to their potential audience, thus allowing businesses to reach a wider customer base efficiently.

2. Professional set-up: The option to customize the sender ID, displaying your brand name instead of a generic phone number, enhances brand recognition and trust among recipients.

3. SMS Scheduling: The ability to schedule SMS campaigns for specific dates and times, ensuring messages are delivered at optimal times for maximum impact.

4. Generate Delivery Reports: Comprehensive delivery reports and analytics that provide insights into campaign performance, including delivery rates, open rates, click-through rates, and more.

5.API Integration: Integration with APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to automate SMS sending processes, integrate with existing systems or platforms, and streamline workflows.


Keeping your customers informed is very important in any business, and transactional SMS is an excellent way of marketing. Transactional SMS is sent for related transactions, actions, or account updates. The MWS Transactional SMS service offers real-time notifications like updates on order confirmations, OTPs, appointment reminders, and delivery updates. Our service is highly reliable and has high deliverability rates, ensuring crucial messages reach recipients promptly. 

Here are some key features of the MWS Transactional SMS service:

1. Real-time Notifications: MWS offers transactional SMS services with instant delivery updates of important information such as order confirmations, OTPs, and account updates in real time.

2. Delivery rates: Every time a business releases a transactional SMS, it surely reaches the desired customer without any delay or failure. We offer reliable delivery and ensure that critical messages reach recipients promptly and consistently.

3. Personalized experience: Customizable content allows for personalized communication tailored to individual recipients.

4. Automation: We offer automated sending of transactional messages that streamline the entire communication process and reduce manual intervention

5. Regulation compliance: Special attention is paid to clear all the mandatory regulations, thus ensuring legal compliance and maintaining trust with customers.


OTP (One-Time Password) SMS is typically employed to provide an additional layer of security for our clients when verifying user identities during the login process or for conducting sensitive transactions. MWS offers a seamless authentication process using OTP SMS services, thereby preventing unauthorized access to user accounts by hackers or suspicious malware.

Here are some key features of the MWS OTP SMS service: 

1. Security of login: The OTP SMS service by MWS provides a secure method for verifying user identities, as each one-time password is unique and valid for only a short period of time.

2. Authentication : MWS offers an OTP SMS service to our clients, which enables them to secure authentication during login processes, ensuring that only authorized individuals gain access to accounts or services.

3. Two-Factor Authentication for Users: The two-factor authentication process is generally used by companies and firms to ensure more safety for their users. This can be done using OTP as the login pre-requisite. Your regular credentials (such as username and password) can work along with an OTP generated on the phone exactly the moment you try to login. A temporary OTP sent via SMS can help ensure zero theft risk.

4. Real-time Delivery of SMS: OTP SMS services given by MWS often guarantee real-time delivery of one-time passwords, ensuring prompt authentication for users.

5. SMS Customization: MWS offers customization options, allowing businesses to tailor OTP SMS messages according to their branding or specific requirements.

4.Voice SMS

MWS uses advanced voice SMS techniques, which is a form of bulk SMS marketing strategy where a recorded audio message is sent to a large number of recipients at the same time. This strategy can help immensely in targeting an audience. 

Here are some key features of MWS Voice SMS:

1.Personalized Communication: The voice SMS service by MWS allows businesses to deliver personalized messages to their audience, enhancing their engagement with the business and bringing more conversions. 

2. High Reach and Visibility: MWS ensures high reach as our voice SMS service works efficiently with mobile and landline numbers, maximizing the visibility of the message among the target audience.

3. Multiple content delivery: Voice SMS enables the delivery of versatile content such as promotional offers, reminders, announcements, and alerts, catering to various marketing and communication needs.

4.Interactive tools Some Voice SMS platforms offer interactive features, such as options for recipients to respond or take action directly within the call, increasing engagement and effectiveness.

5. Real-time Analytics: The Advanced Voice SMS service of MWS provides real-time analytics and reporting, allowing businesses to track delivery status, response rates, and other metrics to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns and make informed decisions for optimization.

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Why Bulk SMS Gateway

Bulk SMS solution is easy to use, simple, and powerful. Anyone can compose and send personalized SMS messages to an individual or a group of contacts from

Nowadays More and more medium and small-sized companies are using bulk SMS to communicate with their clients and to reach new potential customers. So do not be left behind in the competition. So start using bulk SMS as your preferred communication and marketing method.

Magic Web Services helps a lot in marketing your brand around the world With the help of our SMS Marketing Services, With our services new people and your customers to know more about you


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We work with a wide spectrum of sectors to successfully deliver solutions. Helping businesses in every domain is something we look forward to, and it helps them swiftly grow their brand and business.

Real estate: Get robust and real-time solutions for the real estate sector. Our designs are both self-explanatory and vague.

Tour & Travels: Manage bookings, offers, upcoming events, and customer details in one place. Keep your customers hooked on your portal with loyalty points and other benefits.

Education: Widen your reach and get tailor-made content for your educational programme. Cater to the needs of new-age students with attractive instructional designs and layouts.

Transport: Booking and tracking are made easy with digital solutions. Empower your customers with customised AI-powered solutions.

Events: Reach out to thousands of audiences with MWS-trusted products and services. Create open forums for new event announcements, ticket links, venue updates, new events, and much more.

E-Commerce: Get the perfect solution for your e-commerce business. Get a responsive e-commerce website that is good at handling real-time traffic and works seamlessly. 

HealthCare: hassle-free maintenance of the hospital website along with digital marketing assistance.Management of bulk data from records and other sophisticated documents of the hospital.

Games: Use of cutting-edge technology to develop and maintain gaming sites. Load high-potential games with an AI-powered framework.

Finance: handle complex financial websites and promote them with the latest techniques. We provide robust security measures with absolute mobile responsiveness. 

Restaurants: Manage bookings, inventory, and stock with AI-backed technologies. We aim for faster server response times so that timely delivery of food can be done.

Grocery: Grow your grocery store with MWS products and services. The responsive order online button on the website helps in widening the reach of the restaurant among a targeted audience. 

On-Demand: Big or small, every business is our partner. We help every firm and organization grow and expand

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