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MWS is an innovative IT Technologies for the present global business needs.

About Magic Web Services

India's Most Promising IT & Web Solutions Company

MWS is an innovative IT Technology for the present global business needs. MWS serves in end-to-end complete web Technologies. MWS is venturing into ERP products and services and also offers complete web Technologies. MWS committed to investing in new technology and development which offers a comprehensive range of integrated software. We innovate in the areas of marketing, training, business operations, and technology.

We continue to set the standard of making clients successful and helping them realize the opportunities that exist within their organizations. We achieve our commitment to their success. MWS team is also made up of software developers, who service and extend the reach of our business with e-business capabilities and industry Technologies.

To know about the work we have accomplished within 10 years and the clientele we have achieved in such a short period you can always visit our Portfolio section. We feel strongly that we will be able to help you if you need us in any of the areas we specialize in. Please review our portfolio and logo section to review our work and click on Contact Us or send us a request for a proposal.

We are one of the most promising IT and web solutions companies in India. 

We are the anchor to your ship and give your brand a definite distinction with our AI-powered website design and development solutions along with progressive Digital Marketing solutions like search engine optimization, Social Media Marketing, etc. so that your brand can stand first among equals!

Starting in the year 2009, we have updated our team with every technological advancement so that our clients are served with the best solutions. Our strategies can help you convert visitors into potential buyers.

MWS works in website design and development, graphic designing, E-commerce solutions, digital marketing, Branding, Logo Designing, SEO, SMM, etc. 

MWS understands the present global business needs and serves in end to end it complete web Technologies. We also provide ERP solutions for E-commerce entities so that they can ease their workflow. 
We understand the fast-changing global market and thus invest in new and advanced technology so that a comprehensive range of integrated IT solutions can be designed. 
We innovate in the areas of website development, digital marketing, training, business operations, and technology.



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Total Experience

Our Mission

To provide the best IT and marketing solutions that can cater to the needs of every small and medium business firm. Our focus is on building strong and futuristic relationships with our clients and serving them better with our services. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading web design and development company that empowers businesses with exceptional digital solutions, innovative designs, and seamless user experiences.

Our Commitment

We are committed to empowering businesses with technologically advanced IT solutions. Our client-centric approach provides customised solutions and exponential growth.

Core Value

MWS’ Core Values

MWS’ core values evolved with us as the company grew, and we learned from our experiences.

Our values are essential to our culture and unique sense of accomplishment. Those values incorporate what we want to achieve and may evolve in the future as we aim higher and higher.

From the day of conception till date, MWS has kept work ethics and integrity as its core values. We believe in maintaining trust among our clients so that our strategies can work for the company to grow and succeed.


  • Initial analysis and recommendations
  • Development and Implementation strategy
  • Logo Designing
  • Website Designing – Portals, E-commerce and Websites
  • Email Solutions – Google App, one of the best service providers and least SPAM
  • Multimedia - Audio, Video Solutions
  • Banners - Flash, Print etc
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization, help you to show up on the top pages of any related search query in search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, etc.
  • Web Statistics – Helps in improving your structure, content, etc.
  • Marketing – Online marketing and promotion like newsletters, Google Ad words, etc.
  • Project closure and warranty support


After initial discussions with us, you may choose from all or a few of the services mentioned above that meet your requirements. We will give you the best of all worlds (design, development, and marketing) under one roof, which is a rare combination to find. Last but not least; we will always give you the best services at the least cost.

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We work with a wide spectrum of sectors to successfully deliver solutions. Helping businesses in every domain is something we look forward to, and it helps them swiftly grow their brand and business.

Real estate: Get robust and real-time solutions for the real estate sector. Our designs are both self-explanatory and vague.

Tour & Travels: Manage bookings, offers, upcoming events, and customer details in one place. Keep your customers hooked on your portal with loyalty points and other benefits.

Education: Widen your reach and get tailor-made content for your educational programme. Cater to the needs of new-age students with attractive instructional designs and layouts.

Transport: Booking and tracking are made easy with digital solutions. Empower your customers with customised AI-powered solutions.

Events: Reach out to thousands of audiences with MWS-trusted products and services. Create open forums for new event announcements, ticket links, venue updates, new events, and much more.

E-Commerce: Get the perfect solution for your e-commerce business. Get a responsive e-commerce website that is good at handling real-time traffic and works seamlessly. 

HealthCare: hassle-free maintenance of the hospital website along with digital marketing assistance.Management of bulk data from records and other sophisticated documents of the hospital.

Games: Use of cutting-edge technology to develop and maintain gaming sites. Load high-potential games with an AI-powered framework.

Finance: handle complex financial websites and promote them with the latest techniques. We provide robust security measures with absolute mobile responsiveness. 

Restaurants: Manage bookings, inventory, and stock with AI-backed technologies. We aim for faster server response times so that timely delivery of food can be done.

Grocery: Grow your grocery store with MWS products and services. The responsive order online button on the website helps in widening the reach of the restaurant among a targeted audience. 

On-Demand: Big or small, every business is our partner. We help every firm and organization grow and expand

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Tour & Travels
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