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Mobile App Development

Mobile app development tools. With talented mobile app developers, we have a good portfolio of mobile apps.

Complete Mobile App Development Services

Be accessible with an advanced and responsive web application for your business. Your online brand can attract more customers when it can be used anytime, anywhere. Get a futuristic, cross-compatible mobile and web application from a reliable web application development agency in India for a wider web presence. 

MWS uses cutting-edge technologies, advanced frameworks, and proven methodologies to ensure contemporary and scalable web applications. We take robust measures to ensure complete web security and protect user data. Get any time query resolution and regular updates and maintenance, thus ensuring the optimal performance of your application. 



Android App Development

Android App Development Company in India

The platform is for all types of users nowadays Android users. Android app development is very easy and easy to upload to the Play Store. Because of the huge demand for Android app development, Gtech has very good experience in developing Android apps.

 The most customizable OS is Android because it's open source. That’s the reason for our fast project completion. This is hybrid app development. One more thing. The user more benefit of the Android app is that users will get more Android users than other OS. For Android, Gtech is working for mobile and tablet on both sides.

iPhone app development

iPhon App Development Company in India

On this we have a talented group of iPhone developer’s. We are iphone app development company with best in objective C and swift with cocoa. The ionic framework we have special iPhone app developer work give extra time for clients extra requirements for developing iPhone app. Gtech provides personal gadgets to the programmer because of time to time project completion. Development is ongoing in Xcode 4 to Xcode 8. We can check the app on a different emulator for better output. Not only iPhone gtech is developing apps for iPad also.

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Benefits of Mobile app development

  • Global Audience
  • Accessibility
  • Quality Assurance
  • Open-Source Software
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)

Mobile App Development

We are a mobile app Development Company in Mumbai, India for iPhone, Android, and Windows. As a company, we can serve standard apps to respected clients. We have good support for paid mobile app development tools. With talented mobile app developers, we have a good portfolio of mobile apps.

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Mobile Technology

Significant advances in Mobile Technology and mobile connectivity are rapidly extending the traditional enterprise to do business without interruption.

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We provide a range of flexible and cost effective support agreements and SLAs which guarantee response times, service levels and provide a reliable platform.

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Mobile Marketing

Mobile apps need an effective marketing strategy. Our expertise in creating hundreds of successful high end solutions gives us a deep insight into app marketing.


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Total Experience


We work with a wide spectrum of sectors to successfully deliver solutions. Helping businesses in every domain is something we look forward to, and it helps them swiftly grow their brand and business.

Real estate: Get robust and real-time solutions for the real estate sector. Our designs are both self-explanatory and vague.

Tour & Travels: Manage bookings, offers, upcoming events, and customer details in one place. Keep your customers hooked to your portal with loyalty points and other benefits.

Education: Widen your reach and get tailor-made content for your educational programme. Cater to the needs of new-age students with attractive instructional designs and layouts.

Transport: Booking and tracking are made easy with digital solutions. Empower your customers with customised AI-powered solutions.

Events: Reach out to thousands of audiences with MWS-trusted products and services. Create open forums for new event announcements, ticket links, venue updates, new events, and much more.

E-Commerce: Get the perfect solution for your e-commerce business. Get a responsive e-commerce website that is good at handling real-time traffic and works seamlessly. 

HealthCare: hassle-free maintenance of the hospital website along with marketing assistance.Management of bulk data from records and other sophisticated documents of the hospital.

Games: Use of cutting-edge technology to develop and maintain gaming sites. Load high-potential games with an AI-powered framework.

Finance: handle complex financial websites and promote them with the latest techniques. We provide robust security measures with absolute mobile responsiveness. 

Restaurants: Manage bookings, inventory, and stock with AI-backed technologies. We aim for faster server response times so that timely delivery of food can be done.

Grocery: Grow your grocery store with MWS products and services. The responsive order online button on the website helps in widening the reach of the restaurant among a targeted audience. 

On-Demand: Big or small, every business is our partner. We help every firm and organization grow and expand

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Real estate
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Tour & Travels
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