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Real Estate Website

Administrator Features :
  Add / Edit / Delete Unlimited Property with Details.
  Publishing Customized Ads from administration area.
  Google Adsense are added by default to earn ads revenue.
  Adding Google Map under each Property.
  Add / Edit status of Property eg. New, Sold, to be seen etc.
  Turn On /Off the features you need to include.
  Viewing a Property image from various corners
  Example : back view Font view Dining Space Swinging etc..
  Create sub-admin with restricted privilege
  Add /edit/ view /remove and manage register users
  Activate or De-activated a User
  Global Administrative setting.
  Adding unlimited number of properties with vivid details
  view / Edit / Delete existing properties.
  Viewing saved property by user.
  view / send or censor user feedback before publishing site.
  Add/Edit/Delete your Area or locations.
  Active / De-active / a property after sold or rented.
  Email alert before a property is being vacant to re-published.
  Adding unlimited property type.
  For example : Flat, House,Studio,Vacation Rentals etc..
  Matching Letting or selling Property
  Viewing active / Expired / sold or rented property list listing
  View and schedule the appointment request with clients.
  Schedule Notification of GAS, Electricity, Water and other Certificates Expiry Date.
  Customize Email Templates & Newsletter
  Feedback management and Censoring bad words
  Categories / Sub-Categories based Photo Gallery of property Highlights management .
  Search by listing id, city, state, zip, property type, property style, min price, max price, beds, baths,
     min sq ft, min lot size, garage or keyword.
  Browse properties by interactive Google map

Tenant & Landload Managements :
  Registration of a Tenant or Landlords
  Secure Login via Username and Password
  adding new property to sell or rent
  view / Edit / Delete a property he/she own
  viewing the booking / ranted status
  Search for a property that closed to his/her area.
  Edit user's profile & password
  Making appointment with site admin
  Search / receiving email alerts for expiring bills

Buyer / Sellers Managements :
  Registration of a Tenant or Landlords
  Secure Login via Username and Password
  Dynamic power searching to find desired properties.
  Submitting feedback
  Subscription for newsletter
  Seeking / Schedule an appointment with site admin
  Adding new properties to sell or rent.
  Communication between user and admin related with tasks.
  View / edit / find a properties as per business demand
  Search an property.

Property Managements :
  All property is segmented by SELL / BUY / RENT
  Powerful image presentation showing every corner of a property
  Add / Edit / Delete property to manage existing a property
  Powerful property search by various options
  For Example :
  Search by Area / Location
Search by price rangen
Sell or Rent
Types etc..
  Arranged viewing if a properties
  Email a linked properties details to a Friends
  Contact details of each properties.
  Saving result of a property list after search.
  Adding Google image map to highlight each properties.
  Printing format presentation.
  Freedom of choosing any properties.

Property listing packages / Membership :
  Creating Property listing package for registration.
  Limit property listing packages by time frame and Number.
  Limiting maximum number of property to add under a membership packages.
  Synchronized the Membership packages and locking & Un-locking.
  Blocking the expired listed property from public viewing if account expired.
  Sending notification of expired members for account renewal.
  Control membership packaged based on price, number of listing and timeline.
  Admin based account activate and re-activate as well as package renewals.

Booking / Appointments Forms :
  Applying Dynamic booking form
  Send Booking information via email
  View List of booking made by user
  Manage , Edit & Delete booking information

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