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Social Networking Website

General Features Overview:
  Now you Can Start your own Social Networking Website
  Make money from Advertisements - Google Adsense, Affiliate ads and Banner Ads.
  The site uses PHP 4 or above for a powerful dynamic website.
  Full Admin Panel to Manage Advertisements, Site Settings, Upload Your Logo, etc
  Banner and Google Adsense Support

Frontend Members Features:
Messages and Scrap-Book : Feature of sending and Posting scraps
  Compose new messages just like any ordinary emails and send them to the members
  View inbox/sent/saved messages

Photo-Albums : Upload photos to the photo albums
  Members can upload multiple photos
  Admin Allots a Storage Quota (eg- 50MB)

Member Search : Search by first name, last name, email, location etc.

Communities : Members can create Communities or Groups which will be listed in Directory
  Discussion Board - Enable members to post messages in a Community

Blogs : Members can start their own online blog with a unique blog URL
  Ability to edit/delete blog entries
  Built-in HTML editor for blog entries
  RSS support

Forums : Members can view all topics
  Ability to create new forum topics and post replies

Friends Invite : Member can invite friends to join their network
  Support for multiple invitation

Other Features : Forgot Password system
  Ability to edit personal profile
  Change account settings
  Security image captcha during registration to prevent automated signups
  Display site statistics including total members in the social networking site and number of
     members who are online
  Members can create a Member Block list
  Ability to bookmark a Blog
  Email notification which will send an email to the member when there is a new action to be
     taken (i.e invitations, new friend request, and more)

Backend Admin Functions:
  Admin can Add or Delete Google Ads or Rotating Banner Ads at top and bottom spots.
  Support for more custom extra member data form fields such as Hobbies, Interests, etc.
  Users Manager
  Ability to delete/ban members
  Show member stats
  Search Users
  Ability to view/edit/rename Categories (Blogs, Communities and Forums)
  Admin can add/delete categories

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