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Ten Most effective SEO techniques - MWS

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30 Jul, 2023

Ten Most effective SEO techniques - MWS

After hiring a new website design and development company in India that was offering some great digital marketing services, my online store witnessed a large turnout on its official website. I was amazed to see the sudden uphill graph. I enquired about what trick worked in my favor.

The answer was effective SEO. SEO is termed search engine optimization. It helps in optimizing various websites, web pages, and other content so that your website, webpage, blog page, or other online businesses can appear on the top rank of SERP(Search engine result page). 

There are two types of SEO
  1. Onpage
  2. Offpage

On-page SEO: This kind of SEO is used for optimizing individual web pages so that they can rank high and earn more traffic during relevant searches on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. On-page is also known as organic SEO and it affects your website and web page rankings in the natural search results. 

Off-Page SEO: Off-page optimization refers to the optimization techniques that can improve your ranking in search engine results pages. The techniques used are not applied on the webpage but rather outside of it. It involves giving backlinks on reference web pages and pointing them on your page, sharing them on social media, and mentioning them on other web pages that can divert traffic to your webpage when clicked. 

Ten effective SEO techniques involve:

keyword research and optimization: Keywords play an important role in making SEO effective. We need to use exact and long-tail keywords as these have a higher chance of ranking high in search results. Keywords help the search engines understand the content written on the website and align it with user search queries.

Writing high-quality content: Always prefer writing engaging and informative content that can attract new visitors as well as retain the old ones. Creating authentic, valuable content is crucial for search engine visibility. 

Promoting content through social media: Social media is a potential way to promote your content and brand visibility. Go for social media marketing with written as well as graphical content. Link your webpage to social media pages that are relevant to the content on your current page.

Meta descriptions: Meta description is an important factor for on-page SEO. It is simply the text that appears in the search engine results under the heading. It is an attribute written within meta tags in HTML. A small, crisp, and well-written meta description has the potential to enhance the click-through rate in your organic search results.

Title tags: Title tags can surely affect your SEO rankings as various search engines like Google use the title tags to understand the webpage and see how it is relevant to each user query. A good and catchy title tag can increase the click-through rate manyfold. 

Building strong and effective backlinks: Backlinks are the main features of off-page SEO techniques. Links should appear natural and fit within the flow of the content. Building high-quality reputable as well as local backlinks from well-known businesses and organizations is one important thing to do to increase the effectiveness of SEO techniques. 

Obtaining customer reviews on platforms: Positive Customer reviews directly benefit your SEO strategy as well as your business. It helps in increasing visitor engagement and signifies how much time a visitor spends on a particular webpage and how often they return. Reviews that include sharing, liking, commenting, or mentioning your website on social media platforms can encourage new customers to browse your web pages.  

Effective and easy UI: A good user interface, designed for easy navigation can surely improve a website's SEO. Effective UI can improve the stay period of a visitor, make bounce rates lower, and improve the click-through rates. 

Effective XML sitemap: Sitemaps define the simple guide that has the information on web pages including content on a website. Search engines crawl a sitemap to find all the mentioned information that applies to a specific search query that has been performed. XML sitemaps enhance the effectiveness of SEO.

Optimizing website speed and performance:
Page Speed is an important factor for judging the performance of your online business. If your website takes too much time to load, your potential visitors might leave your webpage abruptly in the first few seconds, which will surely affect your conversion rate. Webpage load time influences the ranking on Google and ultimately the SEO strategy.
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